Tweetdeck Gets New Design, Looks Great

The official version of Tweetdeck just got a little redesign. The main base of columns is still there but now there is more padding between text and a lighter theme.

The new version is available for all platforms – web, Mac, Windows and Chrome.

There is now an option at the top where you can change between the dark and light theme. The white version looks great, very clean and makes tweets a lot easier to read. You can change font sizes for readability, something which I think many apps should include.

The rest of the app has been upgraded to just be a lot quicker and smoother, making the experience swifter.

If you were around for the rise of Tweetdeck you will know how popular the app was, it was a Twitter client for the power users. It had over 20% share of the Twitter app market, Twitter obviously couldn’t let this happen so they ended up buying the whole company. Unfortunately with the purchase, the app was watered down massively. With this new version it looks like Twitter are taking power users into mind but there are still a number of features missing. We still have the older Tweetdeck – old version of Tweetdeck – when it was yellow and before the redesign.

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