Tweetbot for Mac Is Released, Costs A Whopping £13.99!

Tapbots have just released their Tweetbot client for Mac. I’ve highly recommended Tweetbot for both the iPhone and iPad, they take the Twitter experience to a whole new level and make other third party clients look like a joke.

The BETA version of Tweetbot has been around for a few months and it was full of bugs, as they were trying to refine the app on users feedback. It looks like they have now killed all the bugs and have released v1.0 on to the Mac App Store.

There are a host of features included in the app, these are some taken from their website:

  • Manage your lists right from the app. Create, edit, delete lists, and add/remove users from them as well.
  • Following someone who retweets too much? Disable their retweets from within the app.
  • Tweetbot supports local trends as well as the global one. See what’s popular around the world.
  • Update your profile right from Tweetbot. You can even change your avatar.
  • Different variations:
    • Tweetbot features a streamlined and focused window. You can even remove sidebar navigation elements you don’t use for an even cleaner look.
    • Open any view into its own window. Monitor multiple timelines, mentions, search results and more from various accounts.
    • For the multi-taskers who prefer to be more organized, attach multiple windows together to create a column view.
  • Thumbnail previews show up next to tweets that link to images and other various media so you can see before you click.
  • Are you too nice to unfollow someone who tweets too much? Just mute them. You can also mute hashtags for that conference you didn’t attend, clients, and even keywords.
  • Have one of them fancy new Retina Macbook Pros? Don’t worry, Tweetbot for Mac will look gorgeous on it.
  • Tweetbot loves Mountain Lion. Mentions, Direct Messages, and more can show up in Notification Center.
  • Magically sync your timeline read location, direct message read status, and mute filters with Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad via iCloud. (10.8 Mountain Lion Required)

However there is a catch, it’ll cost you £13.99 ($19.99). Tapbots have given reasons as to why it is so highly priced. Twitter has recently enforced a token limit which limits the amount of users which can use a third party app. Tapbots have been given very few tokens compared to their iPhone and iPad versions of the app. Because of this, the app is essentially exclusive. Once all the tokens have run out, they can’t sell the app anymore. For them to make the app worthwhile and provide support for it in the future, they have had to put quite a high price on it.

Now let’s get down to what this app actually is, it’s essentially a Twitter client with added features to enhance the experience. It is no way made for the basic user who simply looks at tweets, tweets occasionally and replies to some friends. This is a power user app. £13.99 is a lot of money for something like this. OS X Mountain Lion, a whole new OS costs the same amount.

It’s really up to you whether you think this is worth the money or not. For someone like me who uses Twitter everyday and is part of my business, it’s definitely worth it. If you’re a person who just uses Twitter for fun, you’re way better off with the official and basic Twitter client.

Tweetbot for Mac

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