Swarovski’s London HQ – Very White & Shiny

For those who don’t know, Swarovski is a jewellery company which specialises in crystal cutting. We actually published a post not too long ago on the Swarovski edition of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

There UK HQ is an amazing piece of work. M Moser Associates, who specialise in creating workspaces for global businesses designed the whole place. With the Swarovski brand being about crystals and luxury, they knew they had to create a luxurious and clean workspace – something to be shown off to, as crystals are meant to be shown off.

The workspace is ridiculously clean, using a lot of white everywhere and lots of shiny and reflective objects to create a bright and luxurious feel. The furniture and walls also make it look very futuristic, as if it’s a little ahead of our time.

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