New PSN Store for PS3 Released

Sony have just released the new PSN store right on time. The new store is a separate download of 26MB, so no having to do a system wide update.

It’s a lot quicker than before, providing you have a quick enough internet connection. The old store was lacking hugely, with a clunky interface, took a while to load and there was way too much glossy elements everywhere.

This new UI makes it a lot easier to browse the store using your controller. Using menus which simply slide to the left and right you can use the left/right buttons to quickly fly through menus. Fonts are also a lot larger, they look very similar to the ones Microsoft uses in Windows 8.

The background of the store changes depending on the featured content which is very cool. It makes the whole experience look a lot more interesting instead of a blurry blue background from the previous store.

The new store is available right now. Just head over to the PSN store on your PS3 and you should be prompted to update.

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