Poster - A Minimal iOS Wordpress Blogging App


Poster - A Minimal iOS Wordpress Blogging App

I'm sure many of you guys who read and follow UltraLinx are bloggers yourself. And you probably run Wordpress too because I keep recommending it. You probably blog on the go too because you run your blogs in your free time. Wordpress offers up a great official blogging app which does the job.

Poster Wordpress Dashboard

Poster is a new Wordpress blogging app which gives you a super minimal and to-the-point interface. It supports both Wordpress hosted and self-hosted websites.

You can edit your current posts or post new ones straight from the app. The post creation/editing interface is really clean and minimal. It has buttons options including brightness, font size, post preview, image insertion (with the ability to add title alt text, alignment options and size options), title, slug, category, tags, post formats, publish date and whether you want the comments on or off. These options should more than cater to the average blogger. You will need to know a little HTML because the post creation is done in HTML.

Poster Post Details

One of the best options though is the ability to import from clipboard or Dropbox when creating a new post. A lot of blogging apps don't usually have this feature.

It's my favourite blogging app for Wordpress yet and as this app evolves and so does Wordpress it'll inevitably get better.

Also it supports both the iPhone and iPad.

Download - £2.49