Over 20 Amazing Pictures Taken With iOS 6 Panorama Mode


Over 20 Amazing Pictures Taken With iOS 6 Panorama Mode

Panorama mode has been available in phones for years now. For some odd reason, Apple waited until the 6th iteration iOS to include the feature. However in Apple style they took the feature and perfected it, like they usually do (except Maps of course which is a mess!). Many of the panorama pics I have seen that are taken with the feature are actually pretty amazing coming from a phone and you can barely tell where the stitching of the photos is when done correctly. Here are 20 amazing panorama pictures taken with the panorama mode.

Also many seem to think the panorama mode is exclusive to the iPhone 5. It's actually part of iOS 6 and will also work on an iPhone 4S.

Peace Gardens

iPhone 5 Panorama test

Brighton Marina panorama

National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Panoramic

Panorama iPhone5

Paddington panorama on iPhone 5

Kingdom Place panorama on iPhone 5

EmpirePano II - City's just warming up

IMG_0061 1


National Gallery of Art sculpture garden fountain - iPhone5 panoramic shot

Rockaway beach



New IOS 6 panorama on iPhone 5

iPhone 5 panorama

iPhone 5 Panorama: Lisbon, Portugal

My first panorama

Evening Bike Ride

Austin Skyline