Paper Adds Colour Mixer, Drawings Look Better Than Ever Before

Paper for iPad has just been updated adding a highly requested feature – more colours. However the update doesn’t just include a bunch of new preset colours, you can now choose practically any colour available.

There are four main new features:

Mixer РThis now enables you to mix colours together so you can make any shade of colour you like. This is a new in-app purchase which costs £1.49.

Natural Blending – Now you can blend colours right on the virtual paper. Before this was not possible, colours would simply overlap. This now enables you to mix two colours together properly, like on real paper.

Palettes – This now enables you to create palettes of different colours. So if you’re drawing something which should only consist of two or three colours, you can have them in the palette, available to you right there and then.

Pressure – The app has now been enhanced to recognise when you’re pressing harder on the screen.

The app just keeps getting better and better. It’s mighty impressive what you can do with it, no wonder Apple added it to all their display unit iPad’s you see in their stores.

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