Motorola DROID RAZR M Review

Although it may not have the high end specs of your favorite smartphone. Motorola DROID RAZR M is a very relevant device. It’s compact design and form factor make you question why Apple didn’t shoot for a 4.3″ screen on the iPhone 5. Nevertheless, the nearly bezel-less display, dual core processor, 8MP Camera and NFC. This phone has everything you need while still holding a price point of $99.99 with a 2-year contract on Verizon. In all seriousness, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this phone and I think you will too.

Hardware and Aesthetics

The typical styling that the RAZR is known for is still here. It has become a characteristic of Motorola to use the same materials and tapered styling throughout their product lines. In a way it looks like a compact DROID RAZR and it actually has the same size screen. The design isn’t eye grabbing but I was amazed at how well this phone worked one handed. Motorola didn’t cheap out. They used high-quality materials, this keeps the device looking rugged. The sturdy plastic body combined with a KEVLAR coated rear casing, it maintains a very clean appearance that does wonders to repel dirt and debri. Motorola goes as far as leaving the screws exposed to remind you that they made this phone with precision.

Around the rear, the handset’s 8-megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash is flush to the surface. This is something that I appreciate. I always hated camera lens that were embossed or elevated off the phone’s body. Nearby there is a tiny speaker grill of the phone. The battery isn’t user replaceable. However, that isn’t a big deal for most.

Its 4.3″ qHD 540 x 960 Super AMOLED display looks great. Even when compared to a high end device such as the iPhone 5. It’s the edge-to-edge PenTile matrix screen does have its flaws. At close inspection you can see the pixel arrangement. Because I am a pixel nerd, I notice it. However, the average person wouldn’t even notice it unless I said told them. The screen is high-contrast and has wide viewing angles, and vibrant color production. Overall it was a joy to look at.


This phone has several stock Google Android elements but you can still feel the presence of the MotoBlur’s ghost. Icons are cartoonish and the menus have a blue hue. Ultimately, it’s nothing more than a skin running on top of ICS. In fact, the only thing “new” that Verizon customers might notice, is probably the main “Circles” widget on the home screen, which we’ve seen already in the ATRIX HD. Oh and A LOT of bloatware…A LOT. The SMARTACTIONS feature is also available with the DROID RAZR M. Beyond having the ability to customize certain triggers, it comes in handy when it deals with battery management. I find this to be the best feature of Motorola’s “MotoBlur” or Motorola Application Portfolio as they would like for me to call it.. You can set triggers like GPS locations to do things like disable WiFi or data or enable Bluetooth etc.


The RAZR is rocking a 2,000 mAh battery. Since the battery is non user removable. I was happy to see that I was able to get through a full day on LTE. I must add that using smart actions helped out a lot. When I was at home, the phone would disable LTE and use WiFi. When I was in my car, it would enable Bluetooth  When I was at work, WiFi was disabled and LTE was running. Also when your battery gets to about 20% all data services auto cut off and you can easily get another 2 hours on battery  fumes. I think that’s great AUTO power management.

Call Quality

Call quality with the DROID RAZR M is unsurprisingly good. Motorola has had a great record with call quality and they didn’t skimp here. Calls were comfortable. Voices were easy to hear and there was no distortion through the earpiece. Callers were able to hear me just as well. Speakerphone was another story. While callers were able to hear me well, voices came through the loud speaker with distortion. I found myself turning the volume down a bit.


The Motorola DROID RAZR M has all the ingredients for a respected contender as your next smartphone – and that’s despite being regarded as a mid-range device. Add to the fact that it’s sporting one easy and affordable price point of $99.99 with a 2-year contract. While there will always be a “better” phone on the horizon; at this price point, I could see someone buying this phone and being happy for some time.

Motorola Droid RAZR M

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