Kuvva – An Awesome Wallpaper App for iPhone

As I’ve said before, the wallpaper section of UltraLinx is one of the most popular sections of the site. You people seem to love the wallpapers we post.

Kuvva is a new wallpaper app which has just launched on the app store. The Mac version of the app has been out for a while now, we did a post on it here. The iOS version has been in the works for a few months now, but it’s here at last.

The iOS app is very impressive. It’s super smooth and super quick, it’s brilliant.

When you first launch the app you’re given a quick guide and tutorial on how to use the app. I’ve always said app developers need to do this in most of their apps, it helps hugely.

In the app itself it has three main sections, featured, popular and explore. The featured tab has a featured author where you can download their wallpapers directly, there are also direct links to the authors website. The popular tab, you never guess, is for popular wallpapers. While the explore tab has what looks to be the most recently uploaded wallpapers.

The great thing about Kuvva is that authors are individually selected. Not anyone can just start uploading wallpapers to Kuvva, you have to be invited. This keeps the quality of wallpapers well above the average. You won’t find your ordinary landscape and car wallpapers like on every other wallpaper site – you’ll actually find, what I call, pieces of art.

For any wallpaper lovers out there this is no doubt a must have.

Kuvva for iOS (£1.49)

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