Key Info About Responsive Web Design | Infographic


Responsive web design is the next big thing. With there being an array of devices that now have internet access have very different screen sizes and screen resolutions, desktop websites don't look too user friendly on phones and tablets. People are now using CSS techniques to make websites fit different screen sizes. The advantage of responsive web design is that you design only one website which then just moves elements around when resized. However this does of course require a little more CSS work and if you have a lot of content, it can take a while for a mobile or tablet to render it.

Many have asked for a responsive version of UltraLinx. The reason I have yet to implement it is because the site is very bandwidth heavy - there is a lot of content and large images which can take a while to load on a mobile. That's why I recommend using an RSS reader such as FLUD or Flipboard instead. I may implement one in the future though, with devices becoming even more powerful and with 3G and 4G catching up with broadband speeds, responsive web design will be perfect.

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Key Info About Responsive Web Design | Infographic