How To Host A Website In Dropbox

Dropbox is a might useful tool which has become very popular. Sure cloud storage has been around for years but Dropbox made it easier by creating a folder on your computer where all your files are stored in the cloud, and you can easily upload and download files without having to mess around with a web interface.

You can easily go for web hosting in Dropbox but there are some guidelines and rules which Dropbox has in place. Dropbox does have a bandwidth limit, it is pretty high so most won’t notice it, but if you’re going to host a website, make sure it’s a tiny one – one that takes barely any bandwidth and won’t get hundreds of thousands of visitors a month. Or Dropbox will end limiting your account.

How To Host A Website in Dropbox

A great service which a fellow reader of UltraLinx told me about was This service enables you to host a website in Dropbox and use a custom domain for it.

1. You want to head over to and sign in with your Dropbox account.

2. Once signed in, the service will ask you what domain you would like. You can either use one of their subdomains or use your own custom domain – free of charge.

3. A new folder will be created in your Dropbox folder called “Apps”, you wan to go into there, go into “site44” and then you’ll see the folder for your website.

4. In the folder for your site you simply upload your website into there.

However there are some limitations to this service. Your monthly bandwidth will be capped at 100MB which is very limiting. So I highly suggest only hosting simple websites which won’t get much traffic. The service is also in BETA stage so it’s not fully ready yet. They suggest you use it for testing purposes only.

You can check out my example here –

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