Google Web Fonts Plugin for Photoshop

Implementing web fonts into websites has never been so easy as the web has been evolving over the years. Google is no doubt one of the best places to go to find some very nice web fonts to use your sites.

The only problem with Google Web Fonts is that there is no easy way to download all those fonts and try them out one by one. This is where Extensis has you covered.

Extensis is a free photoshop plugin which enables users to have a window in Photoshop, from which you can choose from the huge range of Google Web Fonts available.

The plugin is also completely free. The plugin does also offer you the ability to try out WebINK’s own fonts, however you can only try them. To actually use their fonts in your websites you have to buy them.

But with the amount of free Google Web Fonts available I don’t see why you’d ever need to buy a font for your web design projects.


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