This Is How Good The Display Is On The Nexus 10

By the sounds of it the Nexus 10 screen could possibly be one of the best screens out there. It has a 2560×1600 resolution screen in a 10-inch frame, that’s 300 pixels per inch – the same quality as print. Now we all know how sharp the print is on newspapers, magazines and books.

A Google employee by the name of Romain Guy has uploaded some real photographs of the Nexus 10 next to some magazines showing off the quality of the screen. The screen easily looks on par with the magazine, even down to the colours. However the Nexus 10 screen does seem a little more saturated, which isn’t a bad thing.

All the pictures were taken in a controlled environment with a Canon 5D Mk III.

Romain uploaded the pictures to his personal Google+ profile, but many commenters seem to think it’s all Photoshop. I highly doubt Google would want to damage their brand by doing something silly like that.

Just check out the gallery below to see the amazing quality.

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