5 Great iPhone Games You Can Play With One Hand or Finger

One button games were so 20-30 years ago. I don’t think anyone thought they would come back so many years later and be as addictive as they are. One touch games have become hugely popular ever since the release of touchscreen phones.

Games you can play with one or finger are great for killing some time, whether your on the train, on the bus, waiting for a meeting – they’re a great way to kill little chunks of time. Here is a list of 5 must-have games which you can just play with one hand.

Rayman Jungle Run

Any gamer will know who Rayman is. This game just very recently launched on the App Store. It’s a very fast paced game where you have to stay pretty sharp. Each level contains coins which you have to collect and you have to explore some of the hidden parts of a level to get 100%.

Tiny Wings

Tiny Wings is an all time favourite, the cute sounds, cute birds and smooth music makes everyone fall for it. To play this game you simply get the bird across the level as quickly as possible. You do this by tapping the screen to get the bird to go into a nose dive, to slide down and then up a slope into the air, trying to catch as much air as you can.

Temple Run

When Temple Run launched on the App Store it was an instant hit. People seemed to love the idea of a man running away from gorilla like monsters. The game went viral producing millions of downloads very quickly. The main idea behind the game is to get your player to run as far as you can by jumping over obstacles, ducking under obstacles and turning corners. As you go through the level you collect coins which you can use to purchase different characters and power-ups.

Jetpack Joyride

This game is from the creators of the all time favourite, Fruit Ninja. It’s highly popular on the App Store with quite a few million downloads already. In this game you have to get the character as far as you can across the level in a jetpack. Along the way you have to avoid many different obstacles such as live electric lines and rockets coming at you.

Doodle Jump

This game is a pretty old one. It’s been on the App Store for years. However that doesn’t mean it’s not addictive and great fun. Over the years it has evolved, adding a whole load of new features. You can also now get level themes so you can have your level in a ninja theme or horror theme. In this game you have to get the character as high as you can through the level. You jump from platforms to platforms trying to get as high as possible. Along the way you will come across enemies which will try to get in your way and there will be less platforms, making it harder to find a place to jump up from.

These are only five of thousands of games you can play with one hand or finger. There are a lot more out there but these are easily the most popular and well made. Many existing game types such as online slots have been revolutionised due to the ease of being able to play with one finger.

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