Steam Big Picture Mode Released

Steam, the super popular games store and social platform for Windows, OSX and soon to be Linux, has just launched its ‘Big Picture Mode’ to the masses in the form of a public opt-in beta.

Big Picture mode is designed to move your PC to the living room by completely overhauling Steams heavily mouse and keyboard oriented user interface for use with a controller or game pad, a la Xbox Live. While controller oriented, the new UI fully supports your existing mouse and keyboard inputs and of course doesn’t need to be used on a TV, but if you’re navigating the new UI on your desktop, it’ll probably slow you down. It does look much prettier though!

How To Enable Steam Big Picture Mode

  1. Open your Steam client
  2. Click ‘view’, followed by selecting ‘settings’ in the drop down menu
  3. Navigate to the ‘account’ tab
  4. Under ‘Beta Participation’, click change and from the drop down, select ‘Steam Beta Update’
  5. Restart Steam when prompted
  6. Hit the big ‘Big Picture’ button in the top right hand corner of the Steam window
  7. Enjoy!

Below is Valve’s trailer for Steam’s new Big Picture mode. Make sure to stick around for my full overview of Big Picture Modes features!

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