Sand & Serif – Get 30 Exclusive Invites To It Here

Sand & Serif is a new site which a friend of mine, Jack Archer, and his friends have very recently launched. Jack is the owner of WhereIsTheCool? and Surplus for those of you who didn’t know.

This new site he and his friends have launched is an invite-only network. It’s a Pinterest-like curation site which is aimed at the coastal community – so it serves its own specific niche, rather than being a site aimed at everyone like Pinterest.

The site has already got a whole load of content on it, very high quality and specific content. The reason the content is so good is because that not anyone and everyone can just submit content, you have to be specially invited.

Luckily Jack has offered 30 free invites for the UltraLinx community. They’re on a first-come-first-serve basis, so get registered quickly!

Head here to register, then enter the code ultralinx in the “Invitation Code” box.

I recommend only signing up if you’re into the coastal community and you’re going to submit content to the site regularly.

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