Paper for iPad Updated, Adding Bunch of New Features


Paper for iPad Updated, Adding Bunch of New Features

Paper for iPad is one of the best if not, the best, drawing app for the iPad. It's so well made and the UI is just fantastic, unlike anything else out there. The app is so versatile that people were creating some absolutely stunning drawings using the app, check out this post on some examples we collected - Made With Paper for iPad – Art, Drawings, Design, Work & Typography

The app was just updated adding a slew of new features which are all pretty cool. New featured include:

  • You can now duplicate pages - brilliant for when creating templates, you could even make a flipbook out of it.
  • To add a new page you can now just swipe from edge-to-edge, no need to go right to the end of the journal.
  • The pens are now 3x faster, a lot more responsive and precise too.
  • The rewind function has been adjusted a little, the faster you rewind, the further it goes back quicker.

I've always praised Paper hugely ever since it launched on the app store. Now we just need an Android version so I can start drawing on my Nexus 7.

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