How To Manually Apply A Theme To iPhone or iPad | Jailbreak


Circles - Gorgeous Icon Theme for iPhone & iPad | Cydia

If you've seen the Circles theme I posted not too long back, you'll notice that it's not available in Cydia, you have to manually apply the theme.

How To Manually Apply a Theme to iPhone or iPad - Jailbreak Needed

  1. You need to download a theme. I suggest downloading the Circles theme, we'll be using it in this tutorial. Once downloaded unzip it.
  2. Make sure you have a root file browser for your iPhone or iPad - I suggest iExplorer - it does the job
  3. Open iExplorer and navigate to - "Library/Themes"
  4. Then go back to where you unzipped the Circles themes. Go into the "Bundles Theme Files" and you'll find icons for iPhone and iPad.
  5. Copy whichever one you're trying to apply to the relevant device into the "Library/Themes" folder in iExplorer.
  6. Then go to Winterboard on your iDevice and choose the Circles theme

It's as simple as that. Enjoy your new theme!