LINE Camera for Android & iPhone – An Awesome Photo Editing App

When I look for a photo editing app on my phone I don’t want it to be too simple or too complicated. Adding a number of filters is good fun, but editing those filters is usually out of the question. But then I don’t want to go into too much detail on how to edit those filters because I’ve got a small screen where I want to get stuff done quickly. LINE Camera seems to be my favourite when it comes to a happy medium between simple and complex.

This photo editing apps enables you to take your photo editing to the next level without having to deal with too much detail. You get a bunch of built-in filters which are very like the Instagram ones. However you can then further edit your filter by adjusting the brightness, contrast and saturation – ideal settings for getting your effect just right.

It doesn’t just stop at filters though, you get an array of other photo editing tools.

You can add frames to your pictures, however in this app you get a huge list, over 100 actually. You can add stamps to your pictures, like little icons, I wouldn’t ever use them though. You can use brushes to add colours and other sorts of effects. But my other favourite part of this app is the ability to add text to your pics. There are over 100 fonts to choose from, you can change the colour of the text, adjust the size and place it where you like.

The best thing about this app is that it’s free! Usually apps like this you have to pay for. I’m surprised the developers don’t even charge for this app because from using it you can clearly tell a lot of work has gone into it – from adding all these features to the way the UI animations work so smoothly.

LINE Camera for Android | iPhone

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