iPhone 5 - Everything You Need To Know


iPhone 5 - This Is How Dumb People Are

At last after much anticipation and a boat load of leaks, Apple have announced the iPhone 5.

Many were expecting the iPhone to just be called iPhone but Apple are officially calling it the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 has had quite a few changes but the overall design is very similar to the iPhone 4 and 4S.

The new iPhone 5 is made completely from glass and aluminium, this will assuringly give a sense of luxury. But as we all know, these kind of materials are very delicate so I wonder if it is tougher than the iPhone 4S.

It will of course come in black and white. The back plate has dual colours though, and the aluminium piece on the back corresponds to the colour of the phone.

iPhone 5 Thin

The iPhone 5 is now lighter, 18% lighter, it now weighs 112grams which is 1/5th ligher than the iPhone 4S. It is also thinner, 7.6mm thin. Apple said it was the thinnest smartphone to date, they were wrong - the new Motorola RAZR is actually thinner at 7.1mm.

iPhone 5 4 inch screen

The iPhone 5 now has a bigger display - probably the most requested upgrade. It is now 4-inches in size, has a resolution of 1136x640 and has a 16:9 aspect ratio. The bigger display will now give you an extra row of icons on the homescreen and more screen estate for apps, viewing pictures and watching videos. Older apps will still work but they will have letter-boxing on both sides of the screen. Apple were also keen to state how the screen had 44% more colour saturation, making images pop even more.

iPhone 5 4G

4G is now available in the iPhone 5. It has support for LTE and HSDPA+ DC-HSDPA. You also now get dual WiFi antennas which boost the speed of your WiFi - providing you have a compatible router and high enough speeds.

iPhone 5 A6 processor

There is a new chip in the iPhone 5, the A6 chip. It is 22% smaller, 2x faster CPU and 2x faster graphics. No word on how many Ghz it actually is though.

iPhone 5 Camera

The iPhone 5 also has a new camera, but it is very similar to the previous generation, it just smaller. It has a 8MP backside illuminated sensor, f/2.4 aperture, 25% smaller, dynamic low light mode, sapphire crystal to protect the lens, spatial noise reduction, smart filter, hybrid IR filter and is a huge 40% faster at capturing images.

iPhone 5 Camera Specs

The camera of course also has 1080p video capture and has at last image capture while recording.

The new iPhone 5 now has 3 microphones, one at the front, one in the bottom and one on the back. These are used for better noise reduction when in a call.

Apple's Lightning Port Is Better Than MicroUSB

The charger/connector for the iPhone 5 has now been completely redesigned. The connector is now being called "Lightning". It is now 80% smaller. Don't worry, you can still use all your old accessories through an adapter Apple are providing.

That's literally everything you need to know about the iPhone 5 regarding the hardware. It will be running Apple's latest mobile OS, iOS 6 too which was announced earlier this year.

It'll be up for pre-order on 14th of September and will be shipping on the 28th September. The prices will remain the same as the previous generation.

Image credit - Techcrunch & Apple