Why HTC & Samsung Can’t Compete With Apple’s Customer Service

As much as I love HTC and Samsung there’s one thing they can’t compete with when it comes up against Apple, that’s customer service.

My iPhone 4S somehow broke last week. The sleep/wake button went completely dead, there was no “clickyness” in it. So obviously this is a major problem because it means I can’t put my iPhone to sleep. Thankfully with the my iPhone being jailbroken I was able to assign the sleep/wake button to one of the volume buttons. But only very few people actually jailbreak so it would still be a big problem.

I booked an appointment at my nearest Apple store. Showed them my iPhone, the problem with it, and without question they replaced it for a brand new one for free. Of course I was still under warranty so they would have to do something some way or another. And even though my iPhone was jailbroken, it didn’t matter, they replaced it anyway. The process literally took five minutes and with everything being backed up to iCloud, I had my iPhone back to the way it was.

Would HTC or Samsung be able to do this? No. The problem with companies like that is that if your phone broke they would usually make you send it off for repair or they’d send you a new one which would take a few days or weeks to get to you.

The problem also lies in that they don’t have physical stores. HTC isn’t a big company at all compared to Samsung and Apple so I’d understand it for not having any physical stores, but Samsung have no excuse really. They sell lots of different things, not just phones. They only have very few stores dotted around the world, and they’re mainly in the capital cities. They could fill their stores with all their products and be a major retailer.

Even if your iPhone goes out of warranty, it’ll only cost you ¬£115 for a new one, that’s worth it. I’ve noticed many people don’t bother doing anything about their iDevice’s when they break. So next time your iDevice is broken, head to an Apple store and they will most likely replace it for free or for a small amount of cash.

I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but if you ever find a broken iPhone, whether it be a friend’s or on eBay, get it for cheap, go to an Apple store and get it replaced. You’ve then got yourself a whole new iPhone.

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