FIFA 13 Demo Now Live on PC, PS3 & XBOX

The FIFA 13 demo is now available for download for PC, through their Origin service, for XBOX and PS3. The XBOX version is available to download now and the PS3 version will be going live later today.

Of course in the demo you’ll get to play with some of the major teams and play some proper games. But EA have also added some more functionality to the demo which will let you have a little try at some of the new modes which are coming.

EA Sports Football Club Match Day is a new feature which will adjust the game to what is actually happening in real life such as news and gossip. The commentary will then adjust to include those real world happenings – pretty neat.

You’ll also get a taste of the new gameplay adjustments such as how players control the ball and what their first touches are like, making everything more random and a lot more realistic.

The full game will officially be released on 28th of September.

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