Feedly Updated for Android & iOS, Looks Beautiful


Move Your Google Reader Feeds Over To Feedly | Google Reader Alternative

Feedly the popular RSS/news reader has been updated and looks brilliant. It's been completely overhauled after months of development and BETA testing.

The new app does admittedly look very like Flipboard with the layouts, it just doesn't have the page flipping animations. Also it does have a lot more gestures so you can get around the app a lot quicker and carry out actions which usually would make you go into menus.

I personally love the sidebar which comes out from the left. If you use Google Reader and keep all your content organised into folders, those folders will look great in the app, all being color coded. You can also tap into each category and check out specific feeds, instead of having to read the whole feed.

There's also a little customisation added whereby you can can change the color scheme, the fonts and the font size.

The speed of the app is phenomenal. Of course the faster your internet, the quicker the content loads up.

You can of course save articles to read later to Instapaper and Pocket. There's also a bit.ly shortner login so you can share articles directly from the app and use your bit.ly account to shorten the URL's - this also enables you to track the amount of clicks those links get and uses your custom domain if you have one.

Feedly for Android | iOS