FAIL: Nokia Fakes Lumia Image Stabilisation Video & Sample Images


FAIL: Nokia Fakes Lumia Image Stabilisation Video & Sample Images

Nokia announced their new Lumia devices yesterday and were especially proud of their flagship device, the Nokia Lumia 920, which comes with their "PureView" technology.

However in the process they thought they could somehow get away with publishing a video and sample pictures which they said themselves were shot with their Lumia devices. And boy did they mess this up.

People noticed right away that a lot of it was staged.

Watch the video above. It is unlisted now because Nokia know they have embarrassed themselves. But when it was public they tried to pull it off as a real video taken with a PureView device. However at 27 seconds in, you can clearly see from the reflection from the food trailer, that there is a man using a great big video camera, standing in a moving van (screenshot at the top).

Once people realised how big they messed up, they made the video unlisted and added a tag saying "Simulation of OIS technology".

Nokia Lumia Fake Sample Picture

In the rest of the video you see sample images which were supposedly taken with a Lumia device, above is a screenshot from the video. Many have pointed out how there seems to be unnatural light on the woman and how the lights look like stars. For the light to look like stars like they do in this picture you'd need a proper DSLR with a very small aperture.

All this brought about a lot of controversy and Nokia admitted that it was all fake and staged. Here is a quote by Nokia, taken from TheVerge.

Indeed, a Lumia 920 was not used to illustrate the benefits of optical image stabilization and we regret the error. The other still images in this post were extracted from that video. Again, we have posted an apology and the video is now clearly marked. We also posted images of the Lumia 920 being used in low light conditions yesterday.

They do still stand by the sample images they have on their website which they say were taken with a Lumia 920.

However I myself won't be believing in any of these samples until ordinary sample pictures are taken by ordinary people, no Nokia reps. Hopefully once review units start getting sent out we'll see how well the Lumia 920 camera actually works.