Bad Piggies Comes to Android, iOS and Mac


Bad Piggies Comes to Android, iOS and Mac

Rovio has unleashed another game for us to kill time with. If you didn't already know, Rovio are the people behind Angry Birds, probably the most popular mobile game ever. Bad Piggies takes the pigs from Angry Birds and creates a whole new game out of them.

Angry Birds was all about destruction, destroying as much as possible to gain as many points as possible. Bad Piggies is totally the opposite - this game is all about construction, coming up with ways to get the pigs to their destination. You'll come across many obstacles and your knowledge of physics will be tested.

I had a go on it on my Nexus 7 and it was silky smooth. It's actually pretty fun and so it should be, it's from the makers of Angry Birds.

The Android version is free, while the iPhone version costs £0.69 and the Mac version costs £2.99.

Bad Piggies for Android | iPhone | Mac