Astonishing 10,000 Square Foot Residence In Ontario, Canada

44 Belvedere Residence in Oakville, Ontario is currently selling for a cool $5.35 million. Not only does if feature a fantastic two-story interior, it also features a sleek black exterior that provides big contrast to the surrounding vegetation. For the health-conscious there is a professional gym, a spa, a sauna and a steam shower. If you walk through the main entrance to the movie theater, you will be greeted with digital movie posters and a 133″ anamorphic screen with a 9.1 THX inspired surround sound audio system. The ‘Control 4‘ house automation system is fully integrated, so the residents can regulate the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to however they like. There are also 24/7 security systems inside and outside the house, so everyone can be protected. If residents want to access either the Control 4 system or security system, they can be remotely accessed from an iPhone, iPad, or any other smart phone so the house can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

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