$100,000 iPhone 5 Case, Has Sapphires & Rubies On It

When the iPhone 5 was first revealed, Apple had it on a podium coming up from under the stage. They then had it spin around the podium like some huge diamond. With the materials used, the gloss and shine it gives off, the iPhone 5 does in some way look like jewellery. It’s become a piece of tech which is a fashion accessory, and so it should be because it’s something you always carry with you – you don’t want it looking darn ugly.

Well you can now take your iPhone 5 to the next level with this ridiculous but very shiny case which is worth $100,000. New York based company, The Natural Sapphire Company, has put together this case for your iPhone 5 which you’ll never use.

The base of the case is made completely from 18k white gold. The outside of the case has diamonds all the way around and then the Apple logo is done with rubies.

This is one of the most ridiculous things ever but I’m sure one of the Kardashians will love it.

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