Wordpress Updated To v3.1, New UI


Wordpress Updated To v3.1, New UI

Wordpress has updated their iOS app to v3.1, adding a bunch of new features and a whole new UI. They're dubbing it as "the biggest update ever".

The new UI now has sliding panels, a UI feature which lots of apps are now adopting. This kind of UI works very well on large tablet screens especially.

Stats have been enhanced massively. However you will need to have a Wordpress.com blog/account and have it linked with the Jetpack plugin to see stats for a self hosted blog. You can see a lot more stats, like you can on your desktop browser.

Reader is now included in the app to help you stay up to date with other Wordpress blogs you follow, if you follow any.

Quick photo was a very popular on the iPhone, whereby you take a picture and upload it to your blog quickly, a great way to share moments or even breaking news. This feature has now come over to the iPad.

There are also a bunch of other new features and over 180 enhancements.

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