Watch Out Pirating Sites, Google Is Going To Punish You

Whether you like it or not, the internet well always have pirates. One rule which everyone needs to understand about the internet is that everything of yours will be copied and there is nothing you can do about it. If you don’t want your photos or graphics to get copied, don’t put it on the internet. Obviously it’s not just photos that get copied, movies, music, tv shows and all other types of content get pirated all the time.

Google is now taking a bold new step which will impact those pirates. Starting next week they are going to be punishing sites which receive a high amount valid copyright notices and will be moving them deeper into search results. So sites like Piratebay and other torrent sites will be pushed back and more relevant sites will be pushed forward, such as iTunes, Spotify..etc.

Google has always been on its tip toes when it came to stuff like this because if it were to completely remove search results, it doesn’t become a search engine anymore. People will end up moving to a search engine which does allow you to search anything you like. This is what also made it tough for Google to acquire partnerships with major music and video companies, because Google did not want to remove links which had pirated material.

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