UltraLinx Business Cards


UltraLinx Business Cards

I've posted a lot of content on how business cards should be and what kind of impressions they should give, you can check these out:
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However I never had a business card myself purely because I never needed one, till recently.

I reached out to many companies to get some samples. Some of the companies sent me some amazing samples and were of the highest quality I've ever seen. But obviously these ones were very expensive, I mean like unless you were running a highly successful business you didn't need these.

I ended up going for Moo. I went for the top of the range, the Luxe business cards. These are the best business cards they had and with them being UK based, I wanted to support a UK company. Also the Luxe range were very good value for money.

The Luxe range cards are at a thickness of 600gsm, which is 3 times thicker than your average business card. And as you'll know thickness can give off an impression of quality and class. The card they also has a very nice grainy texture, unlike most other cards which just have a laminated picture over them. So when you print your logo or picture on these cards, they're actually printed on the card, making them look a part of the card. The Luxe range also has three layers of card and the middle layer you can colour from a choice of 4 colours, red, blue, white and black.

Moo actually messed up my first batch. I contacted them and they very kindly sent me a whole new batch free of charge, making sure they were perfect. Customer service actually exists! Can't say the same for most other companies in the UK.

UltraLinx Business Cards

When I got my cards I was very impressed with the packaging and presentation. They have a very classy purple ribbon which goes around the box and keeps it together with plastic button. Looks like the seal Harry Potter opens his letter which was an invitation to Hogwarts.

UltraLinx Business Cards

Once open you're presented with a card on top of yours which has a quote on it. Neat gesture and quite cool.

UltraLinx Business Cards

As you can tell I went with a super minimalistic design, nothing fancy whatsoever. The first thing I noticed was how finely my logo was printed. You can see it between the I and the N. And also with it being printed directly on to the card, you get the lovely texture of the card come through the paint and logo, I love this.

You don't have to go for the minimal look like I did. Moo let you print pictures on your cards too. If you're a photographer, you can even have a different picture on every card. An absolutely brilliant way to show off your pictures.

UltraLinx Business Cards

As I mentioned earlier you can have the middle layer of the card coloured. I got mine black. You can just about see it in the picture above. But it looks a lot better when you actually have the card in your hand.

Overall I was hugely impressed with these business cards. The amount of customisation possible is a lot higher than most other companies out there. The quality of card used is right up there, the card is very rigid and even feels nice to touch. Also I used free delivery and got my cards withint 4 working days which is quick. They also offer rush delivery for the next day, ideal for people who need cards urgently. You'll definitely leave an impression when giving out these cards.

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