Old Spice Muscle Music Is Just Pure Epicness

You will have inevitably heard of Old Spice before. The brand brought recognition back to itself when it launched its awesome ads on YouTube. The ads went viral super quick and it showed how online marketing through channels like YouTube can boost your brand recognition.

Old Spice and Vimeo have now teamed up to create a new interactive ad. This ad enables you to play music by using your keyboard keys. Each key is assigned to a muscle on Terry Crew’s (the guy in the video) body and each muscle assigned to an instrument. It’s actually pretty fun and you can even record your own little tune.

This only works when you watch the video properly from beginning to end. It’ll only work with this Vimeo video as well, so don’t go to YouTube.

Just watch the whole thing through, then at the end the video will switch to an interactive version where you can start banging out some beats.


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