THIS Shows How Google Cares For Its Employees

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THIS Shows How Google Cares For Its Employees

Now we know Google is one of the best places to work in the world. There are never ending compliments about how great it is to work there and how well they treat their employees. For example, having a free gym membership, free food, free doctors...etc.

However Google does something which is very special, something which probably 99% of companies don't do - if an employee were to pass away while being employed for Google, their partner or spouse will receive 50% of their salary for the next decade, yes for the next decade. The other great thing is that there isn't any requirements to get this benefit, you simply just have to be working for Google.

It doesn't just stop their either. If the employee has any children, their children will receive $1,000 every month until the age of 19 or until 23 if they're a full time student.

You can go read the whole story over at Forbes. But this is easily one of the best reasons ever to work for Google, or any company for that matter.