Pinterest Comes to Android, New iPad App Too


Pinterest Comes to Android, New iPad App Too

Pinterest has at last after much await launched an official app for Android and updated their iOS app to support the iPad.

Of course the Android version has all the features the iOS version has, but a lot more suited to the Android style of things. It hasn't adopted the holo theme but then I'm glad it didn't or it would have looked very awkward, especially with Pinterest's symbolic colours being red and white.

The Android version is also amazingly quick, like I mean lightning quick, on my Nexus 7 anyway. So I'm sure it's just as quick as on high-end devices such as the Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X.

I also found it made more use of the bigger screen on the Nexus 7, fitting more pins on the screen. The same goes for the iPad version, it fits a lot more on the screen.

This is a good move by Pinterest. They've recognised people love using their social networks on their smartphones and tablets. With the company absolutely blowing up in the past year or so, this mobile update is much needed. I've always loved Pinterest and hopefully with apps like this it'll spur on the growth of the network.

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Also a reminder, Pinterest is now open to anyone to sign up to - Pinterest