MediaTemple Offering $25 Free Credit | Deal

As you may already know, I use MediaTemple for my hosting needs. It hosts this site and various others I own. MediaTemple definitely aren’t the cheapest out there but they offer superior quality. They’re one of the best hosting providers out there, and host major sites from major companies like Samsung, Sony and Adobe.

Very recently though they have launched an exclusive offer which is available for a limited time only. This offer consists of you using a specific link which will get you $25 of free credit to use on MediaTemple (link below).

If you’ve thought about getting web hosting or are thinking of switching providers I obviously recommend MediaTemple hugely. I’m no way affiliated with them and this is no sponsored post. This is a genuine recommendation from me and an offer of getting $25 of credit for FREE!

So use the link below to get your $25 of free credit. Remember, this offer is available for a limited time only!

MediaTemple Hosting $25 of FREE credit

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