Kinetik - App Recommendation App


Kinetik - App Recommendation App

There are over 600,000 apps in the Apple App Store and I'm sure you can tell, that's it's very hard finding some very good apps because they just don't get their chance to come in the top lists.

Kinetik is an app which enables you to find those gems in the App Store by giving you app recommendations. These app recommendations can come from Twitter or Facebook, it depends on if any of them are using the app.

If your Twitter or Facebook friends have never used the app, it'll just give you generic recommendations.

You can browse through different categories to find a type of app. You can also organise these apps into Free or Paid. It'll give you a never ending list of some brilliant apps which are top quality.

There's also a neat "Deals" section where you can find apps which are either going for free or have had a price cut.

There's only an iPhone version right now. Android is coming soon, just head over to their website to be notified when it does get released.