Instagrille – Instagram for Windows

Instagram, the one billion dollar app, is available on Windows. I know what you’re thinking; ‘modern’, ‘social’ and ‘good design’ aren’t the first things that come to mind when Windows is the topic at hand, but this nifty app surpasses all expectations of a ‘Windows’ app. Instagrille is essentially a Web app which runs within the Pokki platform for Windows.

The outstanding thing about Instagrille is the UI. It is unlike any other (non-Pokki) app available on Windows today. For example, the log-in screen takes a pristine, bright, graphic form that would normally only be expected in a Mac app.

Once you’ve logged in – or closed the log-in box; you can browse Instgram without logging in – there are a few screens to choose from. Feed, Popular and Nearby are the most prominent of these. In the feed view, you can see large thumbnail photos arranged in a grid. A hover over a photo gives quick buttons to like and comment. There are also options to choose between, the default, grid view and a list view, with larger photos.

Clicking on a photo, whether it be in grid or list view, takes you to the full view of that photo, with likes and comments displayed just above a comment box. There are also options to share the photo on Facebook and Twitter (something the official Android and iOS apps don’t allow for photos other than your own), view on-line and download the original image.

Note, also, that Instagrille is responsive. The feed can stretch, as far as my testing proved, continually to show as many photos on the top row as you could want. Additionally, when viewing a photo, when the app is maximised, the background feed grid is displayed – a very nice touch.

Clicking on a profile allows you to take the common actions expected on Instagram. Following, seeing websites, bios, followers, followings and photos in a grid and list are all available. Again, the interface is very simplistic, but well-designed.

Because Instagrille is built on the Pokki platform, it has the ability to deliver notifications when new photos are shared to your feed on Instagram. This is a really good way to keep up-to-date with the social network that is all too easy to forget about, being available exclusively on mobiles officially.

It is, by far, the best way to experience Instagram on Windows, even with Web solutions considered.

To conclude, Instagrille, a Pokki app, is the best Instagram solution for Windows.