Instacube – A Digital Frame To Show Off Your Instagram Pictures

Listen up all your Instagram lovers. You can now get your hands on a digital photo frame which is made for Instagram.

Instacube is made to show off any Instagram pictures you like and it does so with a 6.5-inch 600×600 touchscreen display. It works on WiFi of course to pull pictures from various sources. You can either have it pull your own photos, photos from a friend or loved one or from hashtags, so if there is a party at your place, any pictures can be pulled down to it.

The Instacube works in real time too, so any pictures from your, a friend or a hashtag, gets displayed right away on the large screen.

It’s actually a very neat way to check out Instagram pictures and they’re not limited to the small screen on your phone.

Specs include an ARM processor, 4GB of flash memory, 256MB of RAM, 6.5-inch 600×600 display, WiFi and running on Android.


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