HTC’s New Tablet…Looks Like An iMac?! | Rumour

Is this the new HTC Tablet which is rumoured to be launching, completing the One series? A very random but highly plausible tablet seems to have been leaked and with the HTC badges on it.

There are literally no details about this tablet, since being leaked by evleaks, a very random Twitter account. But it looks like the pictures have been pulled from some promo video of it.

From pure guessing, I think it has a 10-inch screen which might have a resolution of 1280×720 or higher, the aspect ratio looks perfect for 16:9.

What has me laughing though is the way it looks on the front. It looks to have a camera at the bottom, but with the styling and colours, it looks very like an iMac but downsized.

The back of it adopts the same sort of back that the HTC One X has, which makes it seem even more real.

Who knows if this thing is real, it could be completely made up. Time will tell.


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