How To Make An Effective Résumé or CV

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We all know how hard it can be make your résumé stand out. It's a tricky task for anyone at any age, unless you worked for some amazing company. Depending on the industry you want to go into, employers will look for different traits. This infographic by CareerBuilder puts together some very important steps you should take when creating your résumé.

Here are some key steps taken from the infographic:

  • Get the formatting right, use two or three fonts, dividers and bold the important parts of info.
  • Be concise, your résumé isn't a story about your life, it's all about the key parts of your working life.
  • Customise your résumé to the employer so it shows you paid attention to the vacancy description.
  • Results and achievements are data which employers are looking for, they don't care about your hobbies unless it is very related to the job you're applying for.
  • Check everything three times over, then get other people to check it too.
  • Make sure your social profiles like Facebook and Twitter are presentable or private. Employers do look at your online profiles.

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How To Make An Effective Résumé or CV