These Guys Screwed Over You Guys With This APPLE Rumour About A Screw....Haha


These Guys Screwed Over You Guys With This APPLE Rumour About A Screw....Haha

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of these endless Apple rumours that go round and round in circles over every major tech blog/magazine. Just before Apple is about to release announce a new product, rumours fly out from every angle. And they're not even great rumours too, they're most of the time over the smallest thing ever, like where a damn button is placed.

The problem is, most people believe this shit because "they read it on the internet". Seriously? So you're going to go around believing every single thing you find on the internet, because it's the "internet"?

This Apple rumour though was by far the best prank. wanted to trick bloggers, journalists and readers into a new Apple rumour which was completely made up. And they were the ones to make up this rumour. They were successful.

They simply created a screw, a screw which will literally screw you all over. This screw was simply going to have an awkward head. They designed it in a program, emailed themselves the image, then took a picture of the email with a smartphone to make it look "authentic". Amazingly, a lot of people believed this crap.

Major news sites such as Cult of Mac, Yahoo!, Wired and many others grabbed this rumour like it was the last bottle of water left in the world. When big names like these post news, usually it's quite believable and you're made to believe in them. It all depends on how they title the story and how they write their content.

This is why I hardly ever post rumours on UltraLinx, because most of it is actual bullshit. Sites and newspapers do it for the traffic and attention. I have an iPhone myself, but people need to realise that nothing will ever be confirmed until Apple themselves announce it.

Maybe I should start making up rumours..."BREAKING: Next iPhone Will Use Android"