Get 'Google Now' On Your Rooted Android Device Now


Google Now

And like that, Google Now is at last available for a huge list of rooted Android devices, all thanks to the members of XDA Developers.

Google Now is easily one of the best features of Android Jellybean and is one of the best voice recognition systems available out there. Everyone clearly knew this was Google's answer to Siri, and they did it in style, adding features never seen before and recognising speech at a lighting fast rate, check out this video to see how quick it is.

However the drawback was that it was only available to devices which were officially updated to Android Jellybean, such as the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7.

Now though it is available to an array of rooted devices. The requirements include, of course being rooted, running a custom recovery system like ClockWorkMod, your device must be using ARMv7 CPU architecture and a file explorer which has root permissions. There are also some other requirements, but if you're interested in getting Google Now on your device, head over to XDA developers here.