Glossi - Turn Your Life Into A Web Magazine


Glossi - Turn Your Life Into A Web Magazine

Creating an online profile which mixes everything of yours together can be difficult when creating it yourself. You have to go through the hassle of setting up a website and what not, sort out hosting...etc.

Glossi is a service which creates the online profile for you. It pulls all your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - all into one place, laying them out in a magazine style format. There are also a bunch of other networks you can add such as Flickr, Dribbble and Google+, so all the main social networks are supported. It doesn't just stop there either, you can also add RSS feeds of your sites or places where you post, pretty neat.

You can view all of the persons posts at once, view their photos, view their updates and view the videos they've posted. You also get a neat Twitter timeline on the right which is fixed as you scroll down.

It's super simple to setup and it'll also show how many followers you have all together, with everything being added up from all your networks.

You can subscribe to others and keep up with all their content too, all in one place. So no having to switch between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with your friends.

One last thing is you can even have your own custom domain but there is a catch - you have to get three of your other friends to sign up to get access to this.

You can check out my profile here - UltraLinx