Garage - eBay for iPhone

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Garage - eBay for iPhone

Now we all know how popular e-commerce is, eBay and Amazon are the biggest examples. However to actually sell anything on those services is a lengthy process, especially when you're doing it on a phone. When we're on our phones we want to get things done as quick as possible with the least steps possible.

Garage is a fantastic new app which enables you to sell your goods literally within two steps. Once you've made an account of course, you simply upload up to four pictures of the goods you want to sell on one screen, then on the next screen you enter description, location, price, shipping, options for publishing to Twitter and Facebook, then you hit publish and you're done. Literally as simple as that. No having to find the category your product fits under and no having to go through lots of pointless verification screens.

Buying goods are just as simple. You can browse through lots of stuff in an Instagram-like fashion. You can chat with the seller privately, make offers, choose how you want it shipped...etc.

With the app being very new there isn't much on there and I found it hard to find anything from the UK. Hopefully the app will get a lot more traction because it has huge potential.