GameDock Turns Your iOS Device Into A Retro Gaming Console


GameDock Turns Your iOS Device Into A Retro Gaming Console

Various games from our past are considered classics for a plethora of reasons. Everything from forming the foundations of gameplay to creating childhood memories, the retro classics are here to stay.

Thanks to the wonderful creation of KickStarter, these games can now be shared with future generations on our cellphones, thanks to GameDock. GameDock simply turns your iOS device into a retro gaming console. We've seen something similar to this in the past with the iCade and though that has been successful, this brings that idea to a new level.

Created by Cascadia Games, their goal to bring retro gaming in a sleek and compact package has been achieved as they just reached their funding goal of $50,000 yesterday. Honestly, who is surprised? The NES themed gaming portable charges your iOS device while you play (for hours and hours), has two player multiplayer support, comes with two classic NES USB controllers, and supports more than 100 games that will surely grow into more.

Now, all we have to do is wait for them to start another KickStarter campaign for another console. Here's hoping the Super NES isn't far behind.