Firefox for Android Tablets Is Now A Lot Faster & Prettier

If you’re still an avid Firefox user (I know a lot of you are, because the 2nd most popular browser to visit UltraLinx if Firefox), and you own an Android tablet, you’ll be pleased to know Mozilla have updated their Firefox for Android tablets.

The new version is a lot faster than the previous, it’s actually quite noticeable. Panning and loading is on par with Chrome and can sometimes beat Chrome at loading up some stuff. The beauty of Android is that developers are given the ability to use their own code, not like iOS where developers are forced to use the code which is under Safari.

There’s a neat tabs feature, when tapped, it’ll show the current tabs you have open and a little thumbnail, very useful.

The UI has been updated a little. Making everything a lot more minimal – something which a lot more browsers are doing now, so the focus is set on seeing as much of the web page as possible.

Some sites force you to go to the mobile version when you visit them on a tablet. If you like browsing desktop versions of a site you’ll be pleased to know that the “Request Desktop Version” option is now available.

Of course with HTML5 development continuing to improve and with more websites using the new coding language, Mozilla have updated the browser to be even better at understanding it.

If you want to look at the in-depth changelog for it go here.

Mozilla Firefox for Android

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