New Facebook for iPhone Made Completely From Scratch


Voice Calling & Messaging Now Available for Facebook for iPhone in UK

We all know Facebook's mobile apps are terrible. They're very slow, take ages to load, force close - just generally crap.

Facebook have been working for the last six months on a new version of the app for iPhone which has been built from scratch.

The new app has been built with iOS' SDK making it now a native app. The last one was created with HTML5. Because it's now native it makes the app a lot quicker and reliable.

Animations have also been sped up, giving the sense of speed. Photos also load a lot quicker and this is undoubtedly because some optimising on Facebook's end on their pictures.

Facebook for iPhone 1
Facebook for iPhone 2

These changes don't just apply to the iPhone though, the iPad has also been thrown into the mix.

Hopefully with this move Facebook will be able to give users a more pleasant experience on their mobile phones.

Facebook for iOS