Facebook Camera for iPhone Updated, Adding Bunch of Requested Features


Facebook Camera for iPhone Updated, Adding Bunch of Requested Features

Facebook knows that photos are the most engaging form of content on their site so when they launched a standalone Camera app for the social network, they knew it would be popular.

They have today updated the app to v1.1, adding a bunch of requested features and also continuing to make the mobile experience of the site as best as possible, with the recent and major update to the official Facebook app for iPhone.

The main requested feature which people asked for was the album support, the ability to choose which album you upload pictures to and the ability to create new albums, Facebook delivered. The new update now enables you to do this, and should get rid of all the reviews people give complaining about this.

The new features just don't stop there though, they also include:

  • Notifications for tags, likes and comments on pictures
  • Likes and comments are now viewable on posts with multiple photos
  • You can now like individual comments on pictures
  • Names and profiles now show for everyone who liked a picture
  • Long captions are now easier to read when you choose to view a photo in full screen mode
  • 10+ new languages

Facebook are continuing to develop on the mobile front, a place where they haven't been doing so well, but still are very popular. Hopefully the new version of Facebook for iPhone will be coming to Android, and hopefully the Facebook Camera app will also launch on Android.

Facebook Camera for iPhone