Ecoute – Gorgeous Music App for iPhone

Ecoute for iOS has at last been launched after some delay. It’s a very popular music player for the Mac and I’m sure after much request from users, they just had to bring out an iOS version of their app too.

For those who have a Mac and have Ecoute, they’ll know how beautiful the music player is. It’s also very minimal, bringing the simple idea of a music player but not forgetting functionality. The iOS version is no different. The design of the app is simply stunning and is up there with the most beautiful iPhone apps. It looks like something you’d find on Dribbble.

The iOS version also makes use of many cool gestures. For example, when on the playback screen, you can swipe left or right to skip and go back on songs. You can also swipe down to go back to the main screen, it took me a while to figure this out because it’s not very obvious.

Ecoute for iOS Р£1.99


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