- An Excellent Collaboration Task App

Original: - An Excellent Collaboration Task App

If you work with lots of people on lots of different projects and they don't live anywhere near you, you know how tough and messy everything can get. I should know, I run this site, three others, carry out freelance work and make themes - all with people I've never met face-to-face. Staying organised is a massive player in me getting stuff done.

There are a lot of collaboration apps and services out there which offer a variety of features. However one that I've found, has a bunch of very useful features and is completely free to use is (they're so damn lucky to get that domain).

Do.comis brilliant service which enables you to be productively social (is that even a term?).

You can create projects and add people to those projects. Within those projects you can do a bunch of very useful stuff like:

  • Set tasks for a person or a number of people, they can then tick off those tasks when done
  • You can have sub projects inside main projects
  • Have notes assigned to tasks
  • Add contacts from all your networks and phonebook
  • Make deals right in the app and then those deals are synced with all the people assigned
  • Reminders to keep you on top of things
  • Real-time push notifications for any task completion or progress
  • Set due dates for tasks and have those dates sync with your calendar
  • Attach and send files and contacts
  • Create and share templates
  • Get feedback from people
  • Integration with Gmail and Google Drive

As you can see there a lot of features there which many services don't offer. You also get an iOS app so you can keep up with tasks without having a computer (Android app is coming soon too!).

From using the service it's helped massively in staying organised and the UI and UX are awesome. Everything is very pretty and the experience is quick and fast without losing features and options.

However, this doesn't just have to apply to someone like me. Shea Homes is a company which uses and they're a home-building company. They have around 3000 homes and are building more constantly, so you can tell they're on a huge scale. Check out their video to get a sense of how the service helps them.

And here's another video about "School of Rock" and how they use