How To Create Tilt Shift Pictures Through Instagram

Tilt shift photos are whereby you literally tilt a lens on a camera which creates an unnatural depth to a picture, then with a little photoshop tweaking can make everything look miniature. This effect has become very popular is easy to create manually – sure it doesn’t look as good as the real thing, but it still looks pretty neat.

I’ve had many requests on how I created the tilt shift picture you see above. It’s actually pretty simple and can be done very easily.

Here are the very simple and few steps required to create a tilt shift picture through Instagram.

1. You want to get a picture where you’re high up looking down at a vast amount of area. It’ll then look like you’re far away, enhancing the miniaturisation. The further away you are the better usually.

2. When in the edit screen. Hit the tear drop icon in the top right and then choose the rectangle. Then make the part which is in focus as much as you like, but keep the part in focus going across the photo horizontally.

3. I then recommend applying a filter which makes everything a bit sharper and more saturated, it adds to the effect.

You’re done! It is literally as simple as that.

Note: The reason I didn’t use the top image as an example is because it looks as though I’ve lost the original image.

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